Project Alpha Writing Team

I finally decided to open my internship program so I can scale properly, and at the same time help aspiring freelancers gain access to this industry. Interns who will do extremely well will be recruited to my Alpha Team—the first of its kind, the very first team that I will build.
I am looking for collaborators and teammates, not employees!

I'm hiring interns.

I have been turning clients down really great projects because I can no longer handle them and write for every client. 

So I need a team.

But not just any team.

I need team members who are trustworthy.

Who can function independently, but be transparent enough to ask questions.

Who have initiative but can also stay grounded and humble.

Who don’t just do things for the sake of doing.

Plus, I have trust issues. I’ve experienced outsourcing writing jobs before and they didn’t do me or the client any good. So I’ve decided that to be successful in scaling, I have to invest time in teaching and mentoring.

Here’s what the internship program will include:

  • My tested and proven writing process that rarely gets revisions
  • Useful tools that I incorporate in my process
  • How to optimize your blog articles to rank on Google
  • The anatomy of an article that outranked Mailchimp and Shopify on Google
  • Potential to learn about the niche you want to pursue eventually
  • Unlimited editing and Q&A from myself
  • Opportunities for paid articles if I feel that you have what it takes

You'll be a good fit if...

  • You are punctual when it comes to deadlines
  • You are willing to go the extra mile to come up with quality content
  • You are eager to learn
  • You are open to feedback
  • You are not afraid to ask questions

Don't apply if...

  • You make up excuses for not turning in work on time
  • You think it’s going to be easy (it’s not)
  • You are not open to learning new processes
  • You can’t take critiques constructively

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